Now and continuing through the transition, this disclosure system is the official place to make disclosures for ALL staff (University and VUMC) and for University faculty.
Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt
Welcome to the Vanderbilt University Conflict Disclosure System

Vanderbilt University expects that all members of the Vanderbilt Community devote their primary professional loyalty, time, and energy to the service of the University in fulfilling its education, research, patient care, and public service missions.

Members are expected to evaluate and arrange their external interests and commitments to avoid compromising their ability to carry out their primary obligations to the University, and most conflicts should be generally avoided or resolved through the exercise of individual judgment or discretion.

All members are expected to:
  • Abide by the conflict of interest and commitment policies and standards;
  • Fully disclose any professional and relevant personal activities, at least annually, or when a potential conflict arises;
  • Remedy conflict situations or comply with any management or monitoring plan prescribed;
  • Remain aware of the potential for conflicts;
  • Take the initiative to manage, disclose, or resolve conflict situations as appropriate.
This system provides you with a tool to record policy awareness, potential conflicts, and the management of any potential conflicts disclosed. You will be given a set of questions to help you identify potential conflicts, links to the policies, and the ability to provide details about potential conflicts you do report. Once you have submitted your information, your approver will be able to use the system to review your information and, if needed, create a management plan. Overseers of conflicts compliance will review what has been submitted and make any additional recommendations.

At any time you may use the link on the left to access the Frequently Asked Questions page if you would like help using the system.