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How GEO Can Help

The Global Education Office has resources to provide students with support and guidance throughout the study abroad process.

Study Abroad Advisors

GEO professional staff maintain weekly open office hours and are also available for meetings by appointment. Programs are generally divided among advisors by region:

Isabelle Crist - Assistant Director for Operations
Office Hours: W Th 1:00-3:00
New Zealand, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Morocco, Hungary, Samoa, Denmark, Engineering point person

Arik Ohnstad - Ass't Director for Communications
Office Hours: M F 1:00-3:00
Latin America, Caribbean, Russia, the Balkans, Canada, Denmark
Make an appointment with Arik

Ruth Page - Study Abroad Advisor
Office Hours: T Th 1:00-3:00
Austria, Germany, India, Italy, Nepal, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland; GEO Maymester Coordinator 

Ashley Heaton - Study Abroad Advisor
Office Hours: W Th 2:00-4:00
England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Czech Republic, France
Make an appointment with Ashley


Suzy Wang - Study Abroad Advisor
Office Hours: MF 1:00-3:00
Australia, China (including Hong Kong), Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Kenya, Senegal, South Africa, Uganda, VISAGE

Office Hours

Peer Advisors and Student Ambassadors

Peer advisors and Student Ambassadors are study abroad alumni who are excited to share their experiences and answer prospective student questions. Peer advisors are hired by GEO to be available in weekly office hours and host events as well as be available for questions via email. Student Ambassadors represent a wider range of programs and have volunteered to answer prospective student questions via email.

Peer advisors are generally hired in late August and December. To apply, complete the form available in the Returning Students section of our website.

Student Ambassadors' contact information for the previous school year is currently available. Students interested in volunteering for the upcoming school year can apply through the Returning Students section of our website.

Academic Advisors

Outside of the Global Education Office, a student's academic advisor can also be an important resource in exploring how study abroad will fit into his or her academic plan. Students are encouraged to start discussions with their academic advisors about study abroad early in their Vanderbilt career as this can help to ease the study abroad process greatly. Resources to facilitate the planning process include lists of courses at foreign universities that have been approved for Vanderbilt credit, and the form for requesting that a course at another university be considered for Vanderbilt credit (this should be filled out before going abroad).