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Warning sign: Marine stingers are present in these waters during the summer months


Health Insurance at Home and Abroad

All students are enrolled in the HTH worldwide health plan. Some program provider such as CIEE or IFSA-Butler may provide an additional health insurance for the duration of their study abroad program. The Global Education Office recommends that students also retain at least one policy of domestic health care coverage in addition to the international coverage for the same duration. This will insure that students are covered from the moment they enter the United States in the event that they need to return before a program's end.


We recommend that all students get standard check-up exams prior to studying abroad. This includes physicals, dental and vision check ups. Be sure to schedule these appointments well ahead of your departure in case there is a need for follow-up (such as a cavity that needs to be filled).


Vanderbilt Student Health Center
Call to schedule a 30-minute appointment at least four weeks before your departure date.

Vanderbilt Travel Health Clinic
(615) 936-1174

Medications and health

  • Bring enough medication with you for the entire semester (medications cannot be sent through the mail)
  • Check whether or not they are controlled substances in your study abroad country
  • Bring all prescription medicines along with your original prescriptions
  • Long term health care needs such as physical therapy or counseling can often be met overseas with planning. Please notify our office your study abroad provider with questions.
  • Consider getting a physical or check up before you go – the Vanderbilt Travel Health Clinic is a great resource