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Direct Credit

All Vanderbilt-approved programs that are administered through GEO will receive direct, graded credit that will appear on your Vanderbilt transcript. You are responsible for making sure that all the courses you take are evaluated for credit. See the course evaluation instructions for more information.

Note that when a course is said to have a VU Course equivalent this means that the content is equivalent. This does not mean that the number of hours and/or the number of credits is the same as the VU  course. Students should be aware that the number of credits that transfer may not be the same as the VU course.

Registering for Study Abroad


The Global Education Office will register you for 12 hours of "place holder" courses for your time abroad. This will appear as a "FNTM" course on your AAI record. This will be replaced by your actual credits (which may be less than 18 hours) and grades after we process your transcript.

Special Academic Needs

If you work with the Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action, and Disability Services Department (EAD) while on campus, we are in many cases able to make similar arrangements in overseas courses. To do so, we will need written confirmation from the EAD detailing your needs. Please contact the Global Education Office for more information.


You are required to take the equivalent of 12-18 hours at Vanderbilt.

You may not take classes Pass/Fail.

You may not retake a class abroad that you have taken on campus nor may you retake a class on campus that you have taken abroad.


Foreign transcripts for Vanderbilt students studying on pre-approved programs can take up to 4 months to arrive to our office after the end of your program (especially from South America). Feel free to inquire with our office as to their status, but please be patient. Once these are received, your academic record will be updated with your coursework, and you will be able to see these credits under the "Academic External" tab of your YES record.

Most of GEO's partners will automatically send your transcript to us, but some Vanderbilt students studying on GEO programs will need to specifically request that a transcript be sent to our office. If your program provider asks for the address to which your transcript should be sent, please provide this address:

Global Education Office
310 25th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37240-1573

Non-Vanderbilt students on Vanderbilt programs (Vanderbilt-in-France) will need to request their transcripts from the Vanderbilt University Registrar. Please check with your home university for the address where the Vanderbilt Registrar should send your transcript. Please note that the Global Education Office cannot request transcripts on your behalf.

If you are a Vanderbilt student studying on a non-Vanderbilt program (that is, a program that is not coordinated through the Global Education Office), you will need to instruct your program provider to send your transcript to the registrar of your college at Vanderbilt. More information can be found here.


When contacting our office, please always include your name, host program, and term abroad in your correspondence. Also include course titles when following up on a course evaluation request.