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All students studying abroad are required to attend pre-departure orientation(s) to prepare them for the journey ahead! GEO also distributes a Pre-Departure Manual to all students studying abroad. You may download or browse the PDF manual now.

The program-specific orientation sessions will give you greater detail about your particular study abroad location.

Important Considerations

Check into registration and absentee ballot restrictions before you leave. Learn more from the US State Department and through Youth Vote Overseas.

Vanderbilt students studying abroad are required to register with International SOS. International SOS assists Vanderbilt in managing the health and safety risks that can face VU travelers. While your first point of contact in an emergency should be your Resident Coordinater, Program Leader, or other onsite contact, International SOS can help you arrange for medical care, get advice, protect your safety, contact your family, or even evacuate you to better medical facilities. Register for International SOS here.

Early Arrivals and Late Stays

Most study abroad sites are unable to accommodate early arrivals for both logistical and legal reasons. Dorms and other residence facilities will be available only on the dates specified by the program provider, and students are advised that they are responsible for securing temporary housing elsewhere if they choose to arrive early or stay beyond the official end of a program. Local staff and program providers will likely be able to recommend local hotels or hostels in such cases. GEO is not in a position to broker such arrangements, although advisors can put students and/or parents in touch with local staff.

Immigration issues should also be considered when planning early arrivals or late stays. Certain countries will not admit travelers prior to dates stipulated in formal letters of invitation or visas. Students who plan to travel after the termination of their program should check to see whether their visas will be valid beyond the program’s end date.



Vanderbilt Student Health Center: 615-322-2427
Vanderbilt Travel Health Clinic
Centers for Disease Control
Travel Health Online
Medical College of Wisconsin Travel Healthlink


Department of State: A Safe Trip Abroad
Department of State: Study Abroad
Department of State: Country-Specific Information
Department of State: Travel Warnings

Destination Guides

Moon Travel Guides
Lonely Planet
Rough Guide
Let's Go

And a guidebook written by Vandy students: The Insider's Guide to World Travel!

Governmental Information

CIA World Factbook


Student Accounts: 615-322-6693
Financial Aid: 615-322-3591
Housing Office: 615-322-2591
VandyCard Office: 615-322-2273
Career Center
Office of Honors Scholarships