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Reverse Culture Shock

 Look, reverse culture shock is a fact. We know that your friends and family might not yet realize it, but returning to the states after a significant period of time abroad is just like going abroad – you have changed, your perceptions have changed, and you are now used to living in and interacting with a different culture. You may even find that readjusting to life in the U.S. is more difficult than the adjustment you made to a new culture several months ago. Instead of fighting the reverse culture shock, learn about it and effective ways to combat it. Rest assured, there are a number of resources that may be helpful as you make the adjustment to being back at "home." Below there are a few resources we recommend to help you deal specifically with reverse culture shock. 

Resources for Reverse Culture Shock

Top Ten Challenges for Study Abroad Returnees - Not sure what to expect? Start here for an idea

Returnee Challenges and Coping Strategies - a brief guide for understanding and addressing some common challenges you might face

What's Up with Culture? - Created by an expert on cultural adaptation, 'Module 2' is filled with advice on how to deal with returning home

What NOT to do when you return home - for those who prefer humor, check out this witty guide to making your re-entry as miserable as possible

Getting Involved

One of the best ways to work through reverse culture shock is to incorporate what you've learned abroad into your everyday life in Nashville and live out your commitment to global citizenship. See the “get involved” section for some ideas of opportunities to be active in the international community on-campus and in the Nashville area. If you hear of any opportunities we left out, please let us know!