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Return Abroad!

If you are not graduating next semester and you have room in your academic schedule, you are welcome to apply for another GEO study abroad program! There is no rule that says you can only go once. 

Beyond another term abroad...


If you are a little strapped for time, consider volunteering abroad during a break with OACS or on your own – you may even be able to find funding (ask OACS about the Nichols Humanitarian Fund!). 

Consider graduate studies abroad! Several universities around the world welcome international students for graduate degrees. Many of them do not require a placement exam like the GRE or GMAT and offer one-year master’s degree programs. Best of all, many of these universities have more reasonable tuition fees than you will find in the US, yet with a comparable quality of education. It is also possible to apply US Federal Financial Aid towards your studies at recognized institutions. Certain countries, like the United Kingdom, will give you a 1- or 2-year work visa upon completion of an advanced degree in their country.

Consider working or interning abroad. Our "Career" page has many resources and tips for finding an international job!