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Preparing Advisees

When a student voices an interest in study abroad, what should a faculty advisor do?

Be a supportive advocate and encouraging mentor. Reinforce that study abroad is both possible and worth pursuing.

If you are unsure of all the study abroad programs and procedures, the Global Education Office can serve as a resource for that information. Study Abroad advisors can help you and the students find the program that best suits their interests.

Ask students if they intend on studying abroad during regular meetings with advisees.

This is particularly important when advising freshmen, as early planning makes it easier to identify appropriate programs and credits that will meet the student's general education, major or minor requirements. Moreover, students with double majors or highly specialized majors need as much pre-planning as possible to ensure that study abroad is an option for them.

Look at the student's record and see which courses remain to be taken. These courses may provide a framework for seeking out a program that is a good academic match and that would allow the student to continue regular progress toward his or her degree.