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Study Abroad and Your Department

Vanderbilt's Global Education Office offers the following services to all students and faculty, regardless of college or department:

  • Personal advising and assistance to any interested student, faculty, or staff member
  • Assistance with access to course information and other specific details of study abroad programs, application requirements and deadlines, costs and related issues
  • Travel resources and information for countries where Vanderbilt-approved programs are held

Your Department: Advising and Academic Credit

  • The Global Education Office works with academic departments through the course evaluation process to determine how courses taken abroad will count at Vanderbilt
  • The course evaluation process begins with students submitting course descriptions and/or syllabi from the foreign courses to the Global Education Office
  • The Global Education Office then forwards this course information to the Director of Undergraduate Studies of the appropriate department for review
  • The DUS decides if the foreign course has a direct equivalent to a course at Vanderbilt, if it has no direct equivalent but will count as credit towards that department's major or minor, or if the course will simply count as general credit towards graduation
  • This result is returned to the SAPO and is valid and available to all students for 5 years
  • Understanding the process through which credit is evaluated will help faculty advisors to be even better informed and more knowledgeable advocates for future advisees who hope to expand their experiences through experiences abroad.

Non-Vanderbilt Study Abroad Programs: Advising and Academic Credit

  • Non-Vanderbilt study abroad programs are not coordinated through the Global Education Office, but through the specific college of the student. The deans of A&S, Engineering and Blair, and the Registrar of Peabody will request that students submit a proposal for "Study Elsewhere"
  • Forms for Study Elsewhere can be downloaded off the specific college's website
  • In the instance that a student requests to attend a non-Vanderbilt study abroad program, the faculty advisor or Dean/Registrar will become the default study abroad advisor for the student
  • Non-Vanderbilt programs are not direct-credit, meaning that hours transfer back to the student's transcript but not grades
  • Financial aid cannot be transferred to non-Vanderbilt study abroad programs