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Questions Students Need to Know

Who, What, When Where, How, How Much?

  • What courses will count toward my major and can these be taken abroad? How can students study abroad and still remain "on course" for graduation?
  • What remaining coursework could be enhanced by taking it in another country?
  • Does the university or program being considered offer these courses? What is the language of instruction?
  • Do I want an internship, service-learning or other special experience?
  • Will financial aid apply to the program(s) under consideration?
  • How can studying abroad expand my career opportunities or opportunities for advanced degree study?

Please encourage students to begin planning as early as possible. Most program application deadlines are at least a semester in advance.

Deadlines: The end of February for Fall semester; the beginning of September for Spring semester; the end of January for Summer terms; Maymesters vary