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Travel Registration

Vanderbilt's Student International Travel Policy requires all students participating in Vanderbilt-sponsored activities abroad to register their travel. By registering Vanderbilt-sponsored travelers, the university can identify and locate all individuals quickly for evacuation or other emergency purposes. For more information about the travel registration process, including who must register, please visit the About Travel Registration page. Students studying abroad through GEO's study abroad programs do not need to register here (you will be prompted to register during your predeparture preparations). Faculty, staff, and graduate students should register only through International SOS; please find more information here.

If you have already begun the travel registration process, you may view or update your registration materials from your home page. For detailed, step-by-step instructions to the registration process, see this PDF.

Undergraduate Students

If you are an undergraduate student and are traveling abroad as part of a Vanderbilt-sponsored group, please click this button to register your participation.

If you are traveling abroad on your own to do research, attend a conference, or to otherwise participate in an academic or nonacademic program, you may register your travel using this button.

Graduate Students

Register with Vanderbilt's emergency travel assistance provider, International SOS, per the instructions here.

US citizens should also consider registering with the US Department of State's Smart Traveler program.

On the following page, you will enter the beginning and end dates of your trip. Please be sure to enter this information correctly, because once entered you will not be able to edit it later! Example of country listing

If you are traveling to more than one destination on your trip, be sure to select all cities in the list on the following page. (Example at left.) You may hold down the Ctrl key (Windows and Linux) or the Command key (Mac) to select multiple list entries. If there are cities you are going to that are not inclued in the list, type the city name below to search for and add the city to the list.

Thank you.