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Course Equivalency Evaluations

All courses taken on programs offered through the Global Education Office are offered for direct credit. This means that your grades from overseas will appear on your Vanderbilt transcript and factor into your GPA nearly exactly as if you had taken them at Vandy. (Exceptions include AXLE credit, which is only available for courses taught by Vanderbilt faculty; such courses do not require course evaluation through the process described here.)

In order for a course to receive Vanderbilt credit, however, it must be reviewed by Vanderbilt faculty. Students are responsible for ensuring that all of the courses they take abroad have been properly evaluated for equivalency. Your grades from abroad cannot be processed unless all of the courses you took have been reviewed.

As of January 2015, this review process is facilitated by the Office of the University Registrar.

Check out the visual below to see how the course evaluation process works. Click here if you have additional questions.

Is your course listed on YES? SEARCH YESfor a courseequivalency NO YES FIND your syllabus on your host institution’s website SUBMIT The Course EquivalencyRequest Form CHECK your email for Study Abroad Course Evaluation Results NO Is the expiration dateafter the end of your program? MAKE SURE YOUR COURSES ARE EVALUATED HOW TO YES BEGIN HERE EVALUATIONCOMPLETE Questions? Questions? May take30 days

Visit the University Registrar to learn more about course review

Once a faculty member has reviewed a course from a GEO program, the evaluation remains in effect for 5 years or until the course content changes significantly.

Search existing course equivalencies using the YES Study Abroad Course Search tool