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Fees for Semester-Long Programs

This chart shows the costs billed by Vanderbilt for all semester-long programs offered through the Global Education Office; it is current for Fall 2017. Note that these costs may be different from the costs posted on our partners' websites. The costs listed below are the costs that will be posted to your Vanderbilt bill. (You may want to read the Vanderbilt Study Abroad Finance and Credit Policy.) There will also be out-of-pocket costs, which can be estimated in more detail by speaking with our program partners and/or checking out our cost calculator

As shown below, students on all programs will be charged a nonrefundable Study Abroad Administrative Fee of $500. This fee covers administrative costs associated with study abroad.

Please see our cost calculator for estimates of out-of-pocket expenses for these programs. You can also click on the program name in the chart below to see the program page, which also lists such estimates.

Please note that all Program Fees are subject to change. Fees may change between semesters of a full-year program abroad.