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HTH Temporary Travel Insurance

Vanderbilt University and HTH Worldwide insurance offer short-term, international health insurance to any Vanderbilt student or employee going abroad for educational purposes. Insurance can be purchased by the week or the month. Vanderbilt students who are studying abroad through GEO on Vanderbilt-in-, CET, exchange, and independent programs will also be enrolled in HTH.

Vanderbilt-HTH plan brochure

How To Apply

You will need to purchase insurance through the HTH website using a Vanderbilt group enrollment code. There are two group enrollment codes, one for monthly plans and one for weekly plans.

Monthly plan: DUC-2328
Weekly plan: DUB-2368

Go to the HTH website, then enter the code for your desired plan type into the group access code box, which looks like this:

Image showing the group codes input box from

The minimum enrollment time is two weeks. You may want to compare prices: If you are traveling for 25 days, for example, it may be more affordable to enroll under the monthly code.

Who's Eligible for Coverage?

All regular, full-time Eligible Participants and their Eligible Dependents of the educational organization or institution who:

  • Are engaged in international educational activities, and
  • Are temporarily located outside his/her Home Country as a non-resident alien, and
  • Have not obtained permanent residency status, and
  • Vanderbilt students or participants of Vanderbilt Global Education Office Programs who have been enrolled.

When Does Coverage Start?

Coverage for an Eligible Participant at 12:00:01 a.m. on the start date of the Vanderbilt Program. If you would like your coverage to start earlier, you must arrange to have those extra dates covered through HTH directly, not through the Global Education Office.

Thereafter, the insurance is effective 24 hours a day, worldwide except whenever the Covered Person is in his/her Home Country. In no event, however, will insurance start prior to the date the premium is received by the Insurer.

When Does Coverage End?

Coverage for an Eligible Participant will automatically terminate on the earliest of the following dates:

  1. The date the Policy terminates;
  2. The Participating Organization's or Institution's Termination Date;
  3. The date of which the Eligible Participant or Eligible Dependent ceases to meet the individual Eligibility Requirements;
  4. The end of the term of coverage specified in the Eligible Participant's enrollment form, if any, including any requested extension;
  5. The date the Eligible Participant leaves the Country of Assignment for his/her Home Country;
  6. The date the Eligible Participant requests cancellation of coverage( the request must be in writing); or
  7. The premium due date for which the required premium has not been paid, subject to the Grace Period provision.

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What To Do in the Event of an Emergency

All Vanderbilt students, faculty, and staff are entitled to emergency and other services through International SOS (ISOS). ISOS offers assistance for medical emergencies and routine advice as well as other services (including evacuation, security, legal, and other non-medical aid; for a complete list of services, see this page, make sure to click Membership Benefits at the bottom of the page).

You must register with ISOS in advance of your travel to ensure coverage and to provide the contact information needed to locate you in the event of an emergency: Register with ISOS. Students traveling for study abroad will be required to register as part of the study abroad application process. Undergraduate and graduate students traveling independently or as part of a Vanderbilt-sponsored group are required to sign up for ISOS as part of the travel registration process.

In the event of an emergency, call collect to one of ISOS's Worldwide Alarm Centers, such as the USA call center: +1-215-942-8226. You may print a card to carry with that includes account information and numbers to call.

Excess Coverage

The Insurer will reduce the amount payable under the Policy to the extent expenses are covered under any Other Plan. The Insurer will determine the amount of benefits provided by Other Plans without reference to any coordination of benefits, non-duplication of benefits, or other similar provisions. The amount from the Other Plans includes any amount to which the Covered Person is entitled, whether or not a claim is made for the benefits. The Policy is secondary coverage to all other policies.

Once Eligible Participants receive their Medical Insurance ID card from HTH Worldwide, they should visit, and using the certificate number on the front of the card, sign in to the site for comprehensive information and services relating to this plan. Participants can track claims, search for a doctor, view plan information, download claim forms and read health and security information.

Claims Submission

Claims are to be submitted to

HTH Worldwide, Attn: International Claims
One Radnor Corporate Center
Suite 100
Radnor, PA 19087

See for claims forms and instructions on how to file.

What Is Covered by the Plan

Schedule of Benefits – Table 1


Limits – Covered Person

Medical Expenses


Lifetime Maximum Benefit


Policy Year Maximum Benefits


Maximum Benefit for Sickness or Injury


Basic Medical Expense Benefit per Injury or Sickness

Up to $100,000 Maximum: 100% of Reasonable Expenses after Deductible


$0 per injury or Sickness

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Maximum Benefit Principal Sum up to $10,000

Repatriation of Remains

Maximum Benefit up to $25,000

Medical Evacuation

Maximum Lifetime Benefit for all Evacuations up to $75,000

Bedside Visit

Up to a Maximum benefit or $1,500 for the cost of economy round-trip air fare to, and the hotel accommodations in, the place of the Hospital Confinement for one person

Schedule of Benefits – Table 2- Medical Expenses


Indemnity Plan Limits

Physician Office Visits

For Basic, 100% of Reasonable Expenses

Inpatient Hospital Services

For Basic, 100% of Reasonable Expenses

Hospital and Physician Outpatient Services

For Basic, 100% of Reasonable Expenses

Schedule of Benefits – Medical Expense Benefits

Benefits listed below are subject to Lifetime Maximums, Annual Maximums, Maximums per Injury and Sickness, Co-Insurance, Deductibles, Out-of-Pocket Maximums; and Table 2 Plan Type Limits

Medical Expense

Limits – Covered Person

Maternity Care for a Covered Pregnancy

Reasonable Expenses

Treatment of drug and alcohol abuse

Included in coverage for Inpatient and Outpatient mental and nervous disorders

Treatment of Specified therapies, including acupuncture and Physiotherapy

Reasonable expenses on an Inpatient basis, Reasonable expenses on an Outpatient care immediately following the attending Physician's release for rehabilitation following a covered Hospital confinement or surgery per Policy Year.

Therapeutic Termination of Pregnancy

Reasonable Expenses up to $500 Maximum per Policy Year

Routine nursery care of a newborn child of a covered pregnancy

Reasonable Expenses up to $500 Maximum per Policy Year

Repairs to sound, natural teeth required due to an injury

100% of Reasonable Expenses up to $250 per tooth

Dental Treatment (including extractions) to alleviate pain

100% of reasonable expenses up to $500 per lifetime

Outpatient prescription drugs

80% of actual charge

The Insurer does pay benefits for loss due to Pre-Existing Conditions.